Advertising in Instagram – types, cost and efficiency

Instagram is a social network where people share their experiences and events. This is why Instagram advertising should be emotional and beautiful. There must be bright and colorful pictures and videos, otherwise their users simply will not notice. But as interesting as advertising would be, it will not be suitable for everyone in Instagram, for example, if you have some complicated business and you produce and sell complex equipment and you are oriented to the B2B market, it will be very difficult to find such an audience in Instagram. You can, of course, keep a profile in order to be present in Instagram, but you should think whether you need to spend your efforts on it.

Targeted advertising in Instagram is an advertisement where you can choose which audience you want to show it to. It is suitable for goods and services mainly oriented at B2C market – these are various hand-made products, online shops, coffee shops, various services. It is best to entrust this task to an instagram agency.

Targeting settings

Here are some of them:

  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Place of residence;
  • Demographics (education, marital status, etc.);
  • Interests (sports, finance, business, fashion, decoration, etc.);
  • Behavior, etc.

Where does Instagram get the data for targeting?

Instagram belongs to Facebook, which monitors the behavior of all users in both social networks, watches what they read, bark, write, subscribe to, etc. It also tracks people’s movements and knows, for example, when you went abroad. Therefore, it quite accurately determines which of the users fit your chosen targeting options and shows ads to these people.

How to define the target audience

The audience is the users to whom Instagram will show your post. You can choose an automatically created audience or create your own. In case of using an automatic audience you trust Instagram to decide who may be interested in the product. This is convenient if you are not sure that you can determine the right audience for your advertisement. If you want to create your own audience, write a name for it, specify the cities where your TA and its interests are located, you can choose from 4 to 10 interests. Interests can be selected from the offered options, it will not be possible to add new interests. If your product is suitable for people of a certain age category and gender, enter this information in the appropriate fields. Instagram will save the created audience and you will be able to launch ads for selected users quickly in the future.

Detailed targeting

Detailed targeting allows you to display ads based on a person’s interests and behavior on and off Facebook (e.g. devices used, purchasing behavior, travel intentions or preferences). It consists of 3 categories, each of which includes many subcategories: 

  1. Demographic interests: education, generation, events in life, family status and work.
  2. Interests: Business and industry, food and beverages, shopping and fashion, entertainment, family and relationships, sports and outdoor activities, fitness and healthy lifestyle, hobbies and pastimes.
  3. Behavior: anniversary, online activities, consumer classification, multicultural identity, shopping behaviour, mobile device users, travel, seasonal events, expatriates.

If you want to set up high-quality targeting in Instagram, you should contact a reliable marketing agency in New York.

Advertising from bloggers

You can also advertise your product by contacting popular bloggers, you can write directly to them. In this case, you will pay for what a famous person talks about your product on his page. Such advertising will be hidden, because the person simply shares the impressions of using your product.